Hair Regain Ampoules + Shampoo

116,56 €
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Unique combination for fighting hair loss!
Intensive coverage of density and regrowth needs.

Hair Regain Ampoules

Special formula enriched with plant extracts and vitamins that act against hair loss creating hyperemia and causing increased oxygenation. They contribute to the inhibition of hair loss, hydrate the hair and reduce the gap. Guaranteed 20% thickening.
Use: Apply the lotion to the scalp, gently massage it and let it work. Do not stop the treatment before it is completed.

Hair Regain Shampoo

Tonic anti-hair loss shampoo for all hair types. With herbal extracts that, due to their properties, act intensively against hair loss. It cleanses and hydrates the hair, protects it from ultraviolet radiation, enhances the growth of new hair while lengthening the life of the existing ones. Vitamins (Biotin, Panthenol, Nicotinamide), trace elements and plant extracts, stimulate scalp microcirculation, improve cell proliferation at the root and regulate increased sebum secretion.
Product with mild surfactants.
Use: Daily use like every other shampoo, in addition it nourishes and takes care of the hair. It strengthen the existing hair and supports the growth of new.