Hair Regain Gel No-Gray Hair

54,56 €
30,00 €
Unique formula for thickening & restoring color to gray hair! Combination Hair Shaving Technology. Hair revitalizing gel.It is applied in your daily hair treating routine, offering simultaneous curing thickening and restoration of naural color in gray hair.

Hair gel with plant extracts for toning and thickening with effective coverage on gray hair.
The unique innovative formula offers unlimited possibilities for any hair styling effect you desire, while also providing effective coverage for gray hair. Unique composition to cover white hair with a natural color effect. With soft texture that does not stick and pleasant fragrance.

Ideally combined with Hair Regain Ampoules and Hair Regain Shampoo.

Use: Apply a small amount to the scalp in dry or damp hair. Make your desired style with your hands or with a comb. You can remove the Gel with a simple shampoo. Avoid eye contact. Use external. Keep the product away from children.