liposuccion ENGLISH

The unique Liposuction - Liposuccion method has arrived from Medi Jeunesse!

Try the revolutionary method of destroying fat.

These are injectable liposolubles. The application is done with micro needles, directly to the point-area where there is accumulated fat, and only by the experienced Medi jeunesse doctor. An extremely safe, painless and targeted method for destroying fat cells. It is worth mentioning that from the very first application, literally 25% of the adipocytes are destroyed in the applied area and at the same time we achieve its tightening and mitigation.

Points of application: buns, thighs, knees, armrest, progouli and of course in the belly and side buns. Most important, however, is that by this method we dissolve the fat even at the most difficult point where it can be installed.

A treatment with immediate results for men and women without any limitation.

Immediately treat local thickness and cellulite. With the "Liposuccion" method you will see a difference in points from the first minute!

Now say goodbye to the imperfections!


Get the body you are dreaming of
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**NOTICE: You are allowed to use ONLY 1 offer per treatment (e.g. 50% discount on 1st appointment plus online offer price)