Ultra Lift Therapy

Non-invasive lifting


The leader in the field of Medical Aesthetics, Medi Jeunesse, with their latest technology and the specialization of their scientific staff, offer the latest and most reliable method of anti-aging, Ultra Lift Therapy.

This is the NEW, revolutionary, non-invasive solution against the signs of time. No scalpel, no scars and no pain.

A method based solely on the power of ultrasound.

A unique treatment that "works" in reverse and offers tightening and straightening of the facial contour with absolute safety and without any damage to the skin.

With High Frequency Ultrasound Waves, we aim bloodlessly and accurately to the skin layers causing contraction of the collagen and elastin fibers which are multiplied. This is how the intense production of youth proteins, collagen and elastin begins.  So immediately the skin straightens in a completely natural way and continues to improve over time.

 This is a safe procedure, suitable for ALL skin types, regardless of age and gender. After the application you return to your daily activities.

Online Offer: 190€


The most innovative method of bloodless lifting.

The choice for Anti-Aging.

Medi Jeunesse you the most modern methods for a youthful and glowing skin!

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Online Offer: 190€