Products are changed by the customer within 14 calendar days after receiving the product. The return fee is charged to the customer. This amount will be repaid either by cash on delivery or by deposit. (Including transport costs).

Product refunds are charged at the expense of the company in all cases where deliveries are other than  sold, by type or quantity. Returning or changing a product will not be accepted if it is proven that the product has been used and will be refunded at the customer's charge. In each case , the product will first be returned by the customer within 14 days and then will be shipped the product to be replaced by the company. Products must be returned to their original state, complete and intact with their original packaging. The return or change process is via the same courier company that sent the product for the first time.

If the product is shipped either to be returned or to be changed by another courier company, the customer will be the only one to be charged for shipping costs.

In any case, the product to be returned must be accompanied by the necessary legal documents and receipts. The internet client through the "Contact us" form of the website must send e-mail  requesting a refund or change of the product. Any delay by the customer is justified only for reasons of force majeure, otherwise under this term the right of replacement  is not accepted.

  1. In all cases, the product to be replaced should be returned with all the documents accompanying the product (for example postage bulletin, retail, etc) and full packing. The return of the products charging the COMPANY will be done by courier.
  2. In the event that products are returned damaged or incomplete, the online store has the right to claim compensation from the customer, the amount  will be determined by the status of the products to proceed unilaterally and unconditionally whose total or partial set-off of its claim against the customer.

Product returns, which are considered defective upon delivery at the Company's charge:
In case of a  product that the company has previously recognized as defective,the price will be routed to the customer, on condition that the coustomer will return the products he has purchased within 14 days of it's recognition. Within 14 days of the receipt the company subsequently will proceed to return the price to the customer.