4D Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is the most popular body treatment in the world and the leading non-surgery method for a perfect body that combines many benefits.

It weakens and at the same time eliminates accumulated fat, cellulite and epidermal loosening.

Medi Jeunesse is once again pioneering with the guarantee of Science and cutting-edge technology, presenting the future in Cryolipolysis: The COMPLETE 4D CRYOLIPOLYSIS OF A NEW TECHNOLOGICAL STRUCTURE where it acts to the point and painlessly.

The comparative advantage of the 4D CRYOLOLIPOLYSIS OF NEW TECHNOLOGY is based on the power of Cold and its UNIQUE 4 heads, which offer maximum efficiency and permanent destruction of ALL fat cells in 4 application points at the same time.


Online Offer: FROM 350 ONLY 159€



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Online Offer: FROM 350 ONLY 159€