Do you want to soften the wrinkles and treat the relaxation that alters the skin? There is a way to do it! Meet the new generation Medi Jeunesse treatments.

Today with the modern methods we have the ability to activate the mechanism of skin regeneration and restore to our skin, its youthful texture.

Hormonal disturbances, stress and intense exposure to the sun result in wrinkles, scars, spots, while making blood vessels more visible and skin more rough and dull. Facial rejuvenation treatments help revitalize the skin and give it a more youthful look and shine.

Medi Jeunesse trained dermatologists will advise you on the treatment or combination of treatments that are appropriate for you. Meet the new generation Medi Jeunesse treatments and get free medical advice from our established dermatologists.
The schedule of treatments you will follow for facial regeneration is determined by the medical advice of our specialized staff and can vary from case to case.

Indicative treatments of Medi Jeunesse for face rejuvenation:



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