Hair Loss Treatment 

Hair Autologous Mesotherapy is a pioneering method, ideal for effectively treating hair loss in both men and women. The application of the treatment is painless and absolutely safe because the injectable material comes from the patient himself.
More specifically, it is a method that uses components rich in platelets, derived from the patient's own body and growth factors. During the treatment, platelets are injected into the spots where hair loss occurs, resulting in hair loss being inhibited and at the same time strengthening the existing hair growth as the "weak" hair follicles are renewed and activated.

The stages of treatment

    • Taking a small amount of blood from the patient.
    • Centrifugation of the blood and isolation of the platelets.
    • Activation of platelets and enrichment with calcium ions.
    • Injection of Strengthened Platelets to hairy areas suffering from hair loss, in order to stimulate hair growth and help to thicken and strengthen hair.

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