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  • In a couple of words
    Beauty based only on grooming is considered to be an aesthetic fraud which does not correct the physical characteristics, it simply alters the visual impression. This is why altering the visual impression is not enough, you need to alter the infrastructure that ensures the scientific aesthetics and the safety of Medical Aesthetics.
    Medical Aesthetics is a new science that serves women, men and teens and aims not only anti-aging the skin, which is the mirror of the physical and mental health of a man, but also in maintaining the body in a youthful form, significantly correcting the appearance of a man always combined with a healthy body.
    The first objective is achieved with prevention as a basic principle of Classical Medicine by applying methods and products of the most modern biotechnology, which ensures special youthful structure and appearance for the body. The second objective is achieved by the application of non-surgical methods.
  • Medical Aesthetics is NOT Plastic Surgery NOT a simple aesthetic.
    Aesthetic restoration is not only an act, but a set of actions that complement each other in a combination of treatments ideal for each individual. New biotechnological achievements with spearhead, cytotherapy and laser are now the new dimension in Medical Aesthetics. Wrinkles and stretch marks are eliminated. A prematurely old person is refreshed without surgery, and fat deformities are restored without liposuction. Obesity gives its place to a well-formed body without loosening and cellulite on the skin, while the problems of hair removal and baldness are finally and painlessly resolved with the use of laser and modern techniques by specialized doctors in aesthetic medicine.

  • Medical Aesthetics is a reality, not a myth.
    Medi Jeunesse International Medical Beauty Centers, the only expression of the modern perception of medical aesthetics in Greece, from their funding in 1990 till today, faithfully operate with medical coverage and guaranteed results. Respect is an unbreakable rule in operating the organism without any side effects. On the contrary, many treatments of medical aesthetics not only replace imperfections of face and body, but also helps the modern holistic medicine that soul blend with body in a perfect combination.

    The ambition of Medi Jeunesse base on that caring about health and beauty is a basic obligation for everybody, of any age, cause it is better to prevent than cure.

    Human is born healthy and good looking. Aging is an unpreventable biological process, that today due to the evolution of medicine and antiaging methods, can remarkably slow down.

    You can interfere time without surgeries. What do you need? The right choice!

  • MEDI JEUNESSE is the only choice. Why?;
    Because they are pioneering in the marathon of beauty with innovative therapies, which are implemented by specialized medical teams and experienced aestheticians with the most modern and integrated technological infrastructure.

    The trademark of MEDI JEUNESSE is trust and credibility in the result without loud and false promises, but with permanent and guaranteed solutions to any aesthetic problem.

You made the right choice!
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Othonos 4
Ermou 7
Vas. Georgiou A17 & Praxitelous 131 (inside a shopping mall )
L.Kifissias 58 & Delfon
Vas. Alexandrou 14-20
Tsimiski 43 -Shopping Center Square - Building Α
Egnatias 138 (Inside T.I.F.) – Products & Shop MEDI JEUNESSE
Boniali 11-17 (Ermis mall)

Limassol: Leoforos Griva Digeni 90 (1nd and 2rd floor)
Nicosia: 48, Arch. Makariou III Avenue 3rd and 4th floor 1065


Email: hello@medijeunesse.gr
Greece: 801 11 61 061 (Regular cost) - 210.5158160
Out of Greece Calls: +30 693 2465000  (Mon - Fri 10:00 - 18:00)