Tattoo removal is a common phenomenon nowadays, which involves many people who want to "get rid of" an old plan that no longer expresses them. In some cases, a tattoo may cause medical problems such as allergic contact dermatitis or in some other cases, social or work reasons may require it to be removed.

At Medi Jeunesse we have the way and the experience to successfully remove it without leaving a mark, even if it is a colored tattoo.


Ways to remove a tattoo

Tattoo removal is performed with local anesthesia and is indicated: ⦁ for colorful tattoos ⦁ for monochrome tattoos ⦁ for tattoos that we want to remove immediately in one session. During dermabrasion, scarring of the upper layers of the skin together with the tattoo dye is induced. After the end of the session a surface wound is created, which heals in only a few days and varies depending on the type of skin.

A single session is usually enough to get rid of the unwanted tattoo of any color and size. For example, Medi Jeunesse's medical staff usually recommends 2 to 3 sessions for the complete "disappearance" of the unwanted tattoo. With our latest technology in the Medi Jeunesse centers and with the help of our highly trained staff, your skin remains intact without scarring after successful removal, while the skin repair (surface wound) after each session is fast.


Make an appointment now and get rid of the unwanted plans you want to remove from your body!


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