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To keep a face youthful, velvety and free from dryness, we must take the right steps, always with the guidance of qualified scientific staff.
Proper hydration of the face is a matter of concern for both sexes of all ages. The search for miraculous products that promise joyful and healthy skin is a constant challenge for all of us. In order to keep a face hydrated, we must follow Medi Jeunesse's dermatologist's advice for the treatment or combination of therapies that are appropriate for our case.
Meet the new generation of Medi Jeunesse treatments and get free medical advice from our renowned dermatologists.

Indicative treatments of Medi Jeunesse for facial hydration:

  • Product therapies (with products of biological origin, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, etc.)
  • Ultra Sound
  • Dermabrasion (with diamond)
  • Non-injectable mesotherapy

The program of treatments that you will follow for face hydration is determined following the medical advice of our specialized staff and can vary from case to case.


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