Medi Jeunesse presents the absolute killer of adipocytes and offers it at the most affordable market price!
Destroy the local fat, give a youthful look to the belly, buttocks, thighs, inner thighs, back sides, back, knees, even in the most difficult area, the arms.
Painless, without unsightly scars, no lance, no injections, no prohibitive. For women and men of all ages.
The effect of this unique combination is spectacular, since with the very first treatment, lipolysis and clamping are achieved at the same time. We are talking about liposuction effects not only without a scalpel but also without injections.

If you want to avoid invasive liposuction, pain, discomfort and side effects 
For you who suffer years of local thickness 
For all postpartum women who have not only local thickness but also skin loose 
For all women who with the onset of menopause suffer from persistent local thickness and retention
For all women and men with intense loosening of the skin anywhere in your body 
For all women and men with high levels of retention 

Medi Jeunesse 30 years now build a strong relationship with all of you. A relationship of humanity and science. A relationship of life. That's why we emphasize your needs and with high-tech allies combined with our fully trained staff, we offer you the most modern solutions for dealing with local thickness, cellulite and relaxation.
Together can achieve the ideal result!


A full scheduling program   ONLY 190 € (From 750 € original)