The phototherapy technique allows us to take advantage of the infrared light, which, through state-of-the-art medical devices, causes the hair follicles to stimulate to produce better all those components responsible for hair growth.
Affected areas of the skin are exposed to the beneficial light of color special LEDs, emitting safe light energy, without exposing it to the harmful effect of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The treatment is able to extend the hair's life cycle by prolonging the regeneration phase, activating hair follicles and cell metabolism, enhancing enzyme activity and protein synthesis, regulating the activity of sebaceous glands, and stimulates the reconstruction and regeneration of tissues.

Efficacy of Phototherapy

In this context, the application of phototherapy rejuvenates the hair, which has a marked improvement in strength, energy, volume and density.

More specifically:

• The tissues are strengthened, resulting in rejuvenation, reconstruction and regeneration.
• The process of hair growth is enhanced and the process of aging pockets is slowing down at the same time.
• Skin scalp dysfunction (dry skin, intense greasiness, redness, irritation, pruritus, reduced elasticity, etc.) are treated and repressed immediately.
• Hair loss is gradually inhibited and shows significant stabilization.
• The diameter of the hair increases, therefore, the appearance and volume of the hair improves.
It is suitable for all patients suffering from hair loss at an early or advanced stage.


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