Hair implantation or hair follicle transplantation is done either for aesthetic or remedial reasons.

Someone resorts to hair implantation when conservative therapies are insufficient, alopecia is already evident and disturbs or causes discomfort. In Medi Jeunesse, the process of hair implantation has evolved and simplified so the patient is able to return directly to his or her activities without any visible signs that he/she has been subjected to a hair implantation.
Hair implantation with the FUE technique, which is applied in Medi Jeunesse in a unique way, the pioneers in the field of hair implantation, is now gaining ground over the strip technique because of its minimally invasive nature, the avoidance of permanent scars, rapid recovery and natural results.

Key factors - conditions that determine the result of implantation

  • Ratio of dimensions and density between donor and dilute region
  • Expectations of the person concerned
  • Experience of the medical team who will take over the incident

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The program of therapies you will follow for hair implantation is determined by the medical advice of our specialized staff and can vary from case to case.


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