topiko pachos

The uneven fat accumulation in various areas of the body causes the local thickness. These areas vary according to gender, age, physical condition and the genetic predisposition of each individual.
It is a fact that dealing with local thickness is a difficult process even if the person is following a proper diet and exercise program.
At  Medi Jeunesse we have the knowledge and the experience to fight every case of fat accumulation directly and effectively!

Meet the tightening treatments and total slimming to suit your needs.

Indicative therapies for Medi Jeunesse for local thickness:

  • Cryolipolysis
  • Cavitation
  • RF
  • Impact Ultrasound
  • Vacuum
  • Ultra Electrotherapy
  • Lipolytic Injections
  • Product Therapies
  • Massage


The program of treatments is determined by the medical advice of our specialized staff and may vary from case to case.


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