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Medi Jeunesse realizes the dream of every woman.
You can now acquire the body you dream with triple combined weight loss therapy, local fat and cellulite.

We do not promise ... We make it happen!
Three "superpowers" such as cryolipolysis, radio frequency and ultrasound techniques are simultaneously applied to achieve what has so far seemed impractical.

In 2016 our center's experts, after our participation in the last anti-aging conference in Monaco, concluded that only a combination therapy would be the one that would give each woman what she dreams about her body.
Enjoy the 3 ACTION SLIMMING method by combining:

CRYOLIPOLYSIS Cryoprecipitation Fatty cells are destroyed by cryolipolysis as they die, dissolve and excreted from the body through the lymph when frozen. Special heads of state-of-the-art machinery are applied to the area where local fat is concentrated and disolve the adipocytes and they never regenerate in the area.

RADIATORS (RF) RF frequencies have the ability to dissipate heat-resistant fat cells that are particularly resistant. Method suitable for all areas of the body that have become loose. From the face to the buttocks and from the arms to the knees. The frequency and the number of therapies that will be needed are the exclusive competence of our specialists after the diagnosis of each case.

ULTRASOUND Ultrasonic shock is the latest development of medical technology to combat cellulite and local thickness. It is a treatment to treat various lesions of the adipose tissue.

Get Medi Jeunesse the dream body with the 3 ACTION SLIMMING triple combining method.



**NOTICE: You are allowed to use ONLY 1 offer per treatment (e.g. 50% discount on 1st appointment plus online offer price)